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The Safety Industry is Changing

Sospes is Intuitive Web and Mobile Safety Software that

allows workers to report workplace Incidents, Close Calls
and make Suggestions in real-time.
We provide Mobile Incident Reporting with
voice and photo capability.
Our Supervisor Portal allows management to
complete incident reports, open investigations
and automatically generates regulatory reports.

Companies and workers engage

with Sospes technology.

"BizWest 2016 Innovative Mobile App of the Year"

Here’s what you get

Intuitive Safety Software in a Mobile Application

  • Users report Safety Incidents, Close Calls and make Suggestions
  • Incognito option encourages close call reporting and suggestions, expanding risk identification
  • Emergency Button notifies key personnel of workplace safety emergencies
  • Apple and Android phone and tablet compatible

Mobile Safety Incident Reporting

  • Voice and keyboard entry
  • Take and attach photos of safety issues with a mobile device
  • Captures GPS coordinates for location identification

Safety Supervisor Portal

  • Key performance metrics including cost accumulation
  • Incident Report management and status
    • Complete Incident Report
    • Assign actions such as witness reports, investigations
    • Group reports into a single incident
  • Automatically generates required OSHA reports
    • Accumulates information for Employer’s First Report of Injury for Worker’s Compensation
OSHA Electronic

Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation

  • Supports decisions on further actions
  • Correlation between risk, actions and cost for reporting
  • “5 Whys” root cause analysis guides incident understanding and Preventative Action development
  • Team-based analysis and results summaries

Easy to Implement and Use

  • Hosted application requires no internal hardware or software investment
  • Highly secure – hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Integration layer supports interface with HRIS, Employee Comp and EHS systems
  • Implementation requires limited configuration and can be quickly deployed enterprise-wide
  • Intuitive design makes Sospes’ mobile safety software easy to learn and simple to use

Works Across Industries

Robust, Scalable and Innovative

  • Web App & Mobile App

    Productivity and mobility at their best

  • Mobile Field Incident Reporting

    Timely and more accurate, and adds mobile device features like notifications, GPS, photos and more

  • Built-in Workflows

    Easy task creation and management for reporting and to document follow-through

  • Flexible Reporting

    High-level summary results to detailed activities

  • Role-based Design

    Flexibility for management data and reporting

  • Anonymous Reporting

    Take away all barriers to understanding your safety situation

  • Fit for Purpose Reporting

    High-level summary results to detailed activities, as needed

  • Interoperability through APIs

    Integration support with other systems, e.g., HRIS, Workers Comp, EHS

  • Platform for Global Deployment

    Language and localization capability for multi-national companies

  • Secure, Remote Hosting

    Minimize internal IT load and costs

Get a more engaged and committed workforce