• Mobile Inspections

    Create checklist & inspection forms to your specifications for any purpose: Job Sites, Equipment Checks, Safety Reviews, or even DOT Compliance Checklists.

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Complete Inspections from any Mobile Device 

Digitize your current forms and start assigning & tracking actions

Inspection fails are documented with photos and comments, including problem statements, steps to resolve the issue, who will resolve it and when it should be resolved by, from any mobile device.

Get Smarter

Identify leading safety indicators in your company dashboard – Recognize patterns of behavior to focus resources before they turn into incidents, and identify areas for potential operating cost savings.

Real-Time Management

Supervisors and safety professionals are immediately notified when inspection fails are documented/resolved, and when reports are not submitted by expected due dates.

Be Accurate

Ensure that expected processes are happening when required and results are reaching the right people – even remotely.

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