• We are a team of builders

    We build software that is easy to learn and simple to use. Because it is easy, employees actually use it, which allows companies to learn a lot about their operations and workers’ environments. And when they use that information to improve, their companies are safer and more profitable.

    We also build relationships. Great software is not developed in a vacuum. It is designed, written, deployed and enhanced with the constant input of our customers and resellers. By working together, we can deliver a product that works the way you want it to.


m, f, n (genitive sospitis); third declension

1. saving, delivering
2. safe and sound, unharmed


Our Values

Ensure customer’s needs are top priority
Focus on continuous improvement
Use collaborative problem-solving
Measure progress against goals
Deliver on our promises
Treat others as we would like to be treated

Tom Carson

Tom Carson


Tom Carson is a serial business builder and entrepreneur with a proven record of success. He has managed eye-popping growth (Access Graphics from $40mm to $1.6B in 8 years) as well as nurtured under-capitalized start-ups to meaningful market position (MD-IT from kitchen table to $30mm in 10 years).

Tom‘s passion is building businesses that provide value to companies and their workers. He deftly builds technology-supported services that are positioned to change their industries, and from his experience in health care, he developed a commitment to help companies achieve their safety and work engagement goals. Tom is a leader who fully appreciates that workers have great ideas and their engagement to the business is vital to it’s achievements.

Scott Brothers

Scott Brothers

Vice President Channels

Scott Brothers has enjoyed a remarkable professional journey that has taken him from the family ranch in rural Oklahoma through Seattle for school and New York City where he honed his marketing and communications skills. Along the way he has helped companies grow by delivering innovative public relations and commerce solutions through high-impact marketing and cutting-edge technology.

Scott’s interest in safety originated while working for the family oilfield services business, but became a passion following the loss of his father to a preventable work-related accident on a drilling rig. He realized the value from automating traditionally manual processes and communication flows to help companies quickly identify high-risk situations and focus resources where they are most needed.

Colin Driessner

Colin Driessner

Director of Technology

Colin Driessner is a passionate software developer and application architect, who for fifteen years has translated product ideas into leading solutions for a wide variety of companies. From his background in both small product companies and large regulated enterprises, Colin acquired broad experience in developing and delivering secure, scalable solutions in a cloud environment. And over that same time he used his leadership and listening skills to put technology in the hands of the people who could best use it. All of which makes Colin a great choice to lead Sospes’ technology team.

Jonathan Monnette

Jonathan Monnette

Program Manager

Jonathan’s journey brought him to Sospes after attending the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied communication and business analytics. He is responsible for planning and implementing sales, marketing and product development programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new markets. He builds the Sospes brand by specializing in Google Adwords, search engine optimization (SEO), web design & brand identity and social media campaigns. He assists resellers by providing web support and access to all marketing collateral.

When Jonathan isn’t creating content at the Sospes headquarters, you can find him on the slopes of Colorado skiing with his family.

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