Reporting Your 2018 Injury and Illness Data

March 2, 2019, is the deadline for employers to electronically submit data from OSHA Form 300A.

Why is it so important to comply with this rule and on time?

Making the case for investing in safety has never been easier. OSHA has publicly announced that they will be focusing their inspections on establishments who either do not submit their 300A on time or those who have unusually high incident rates. If your safety staff is feeling overwhelmed, it might be time to get some help in preparation for this policy. For example, many organizations are able to reduce their safety professionals’ admin work substantially by simply implementing safety and process quality management software.

However you prepare for this policy, it should not be taken lightly as OSHA will be actively pursuing those who do not comply.

Who needs to comply with this rule?

Only a small fraction of establishments is required to electronically submit their Form 300A data to OSHA. Establishments that meet any of the following criteria DO NOT have to send their information to OSHA. It’s important to remember that these criteria only apply at the establishment level, not to the firm as a whole.

  • The establishment’s peak employment during the previous calendar year was 19 or fewer, regardless of the establishment’s industry.
  • The establishment’s industry is on this list, regardless of the size of the establishment.
  • The establishment had a peak employment between 20 and 249 employees during the previous calendar year AND the establishment’s industry is not on this list.